I fell in love with you without knowing just what I was falling in love with. But I always have been in love with you.

With every tree,

Every sky,

Every song,

Every word inside of those songs that echoed your name.

The way that a note would rub against my soul and remind me of what you and I are meant to be.

As everything comes from you, so everything speaks to me of you.

Every friendship is your love.

Every cry is your sorrow.

It begins and ends with your name —


Remind me of you.

Stay with me.

Please don’t go.

Surround me with you.

Love me.

Show me a world of love,

Even in a planet filled with darkness and hate.

In love we were created.

In love you created us.

In love, you stay with us.

Love me until I love you back,

More fully,

In everything,

From today,

Until I am with you,

Until I am united with you,

Until I know your love.



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