There’s an old legend that when you can’t sleep, it means you’re awake in somebody else’s dream.

Sometimes I’ll imagine that somewhere, someone is sitting on his bed and looking out a window. He can’t fall asleep. His eyes are open. He looks like he’s awake. But his mind and heart haven’t been awake for ages.

And then, somewhere else, somebody’s dreaming about him.

He doesn’t think she’s there, he doesn’t even know she exists. He’s never believed in angels and doesn’t think that dreams can come true. But in the recesses of his mind, he’s aware enough to cling on to a mad hope that there’s someone out there who can help him.

You’d think that he can’t fall asleep because he’s inside of her dream. But in reality, she’s wide awake because she’s inside of his.

He’s sound asleep inside of his mind. She’s awake inside of hers. He’s desperate to be saved by her. She’s calling out to wake him. They’re looking for each other. They just don’t know it yet.

They breathe in each other’s minds. Lonely, longing.

She hangs, in deep, dark, space, looking down. It’s another sleepless night at the window, and with red eyes he looks up.


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